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Frequently asked questions
regarding Soleil
Vivarais campsite

Find below the questions most frequently asked by our holidaymakers and our responses to them. If you cannot find the responses to your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at:

General questions relating to the Soleil Vivarais campsite

What are the 2021 opening dates for the campsite?
The campsite is open from 8th April to 18th September 2022.
Are all campsite services open from the date the campsite opens?
Yes all of our services are open from 8th April to 18th September 2022. (Working hours for service operation vary according to holidaymaker numbers and the given seasonal periods).
Does the campsite have a supemarket?
Yes, in the very heart of the Soleil Vivarais campsite you will find a Vival by Casino supermarket open every day selling fresh bread, sweet breads and buns such brioches, croissants and pains au chocolat, fruit and vegetables, meats, cooked pork meats, cheese, drinks, household and everyday products, newspapers and magazines and other items. However, there is also a “holiday shop” area with a collection of swimwear, flip-flops, hats, sunglasses, clothes, beach toys, inflatables, balls and other items.
Does the campsite have a restaurant and bar?
Yes, the Soleil Vivarais campsite offers you 2 restaurants, 1 pizzeria and 2 bars with ice-cream sellers.
Does the campsite have a Spa?
Yes, the Soleil Vivarais campsite has a Spa. 300m² dedicated to wellness, relaxation and sport : steam room, sauna, sensorial shower, relaxation pool, treatment cabins and a cabin for 2 people.
Does the campsite have a gym and sports equipment?
Yes, the Soleil Vivarais has a weight-training room, tennis court, a multi-sports ground, bicycle hire and other similar facilities.
Does the campsite have Internet access?
Yes, the Wi-Fi network is free on the Soleil Vivarais campsite and available in the shops and swimming pools.
What means of payment are accepted on the campsite?
In all our shops: bars, restaurants, Vival supermarket, SPA, reception, you can pay by cashless bracelet or credit card.
Cash is no longer accepted in our shops, except at the Vival supermarket or to recharge your cashless bracelets at reception.
What are cashless bracelets used for?
When you arrive, you will receive "cashless" electronic bracelets which become your means of payment on the campsite. The bracelet is to be worn on the wrist from the start to the end of your vacation.
At the reception, you load your cashless bracelets with credit card or cash.
You use your bracelets as a means of payment in all the shops on the campsite.
When you leave, you can be refund from the unspent money directly on (repayment costs 3 €).
What GPS coordinates should I enter into my Sat Nav?
Latitude: N44°25’45’’
Longitude: E4°21’19’’
Can I welcome my own visitors during the day?
Yes. However, we ask that you come and notify us of your visitors at reception. They need to carry a visitor pass (€5 for those aged between 2 to 13 years, €10 from aged 14 years upwards).
Service not guaranteed and subject to conditions, according to health standards.
What is “eco-participation”?
Under the French system, our campsite is subject to charges for the use of natural resources (clean water) and sewerage and waste disposal charges (waste water, household refuse and bulky recycling).
There is a budgetary repercussion with a value for compensation and awareness-raising (€0.30/person/night).
Is there an ATM on-site?
No - we have no ATM on the campsite but you will find these in the surrounding villages (4 km away)
Should we undertake selective sorting on your campsite?
Yes we have bin areas designed for this purpose.
Is there a launderette on the campsite?
There are two coin-operated launderettes on the Soleil Vivarais campsite (Accepted coins : €0.50, €1, €2). Both are equipped with washing machines (washing powder included), a tumble dryer and ironing boards (the loan of an iron is possible).
Do you accept animals on the campsite?
Yes, it is our pleasure to accept animals on the Soleil Vivarais campsite.
The price is €6 per night. Attention: the immunisation card for both cats and dogs must be up to date.
Is it possible to use a barbecue?
Yes - you can use electric or gas barbecues.
Our Vival by Casino supermarket hires out electric barbecues.
Charcoal barbecues are not permitted throughout the entire Ardèche prefecture owing to the fire risk.
Can I charge my electric car on the campsite?
Yes, you can charge your electric car on the campsite.
The charging station is located in the Quartier Les Jardins.

Questions relating to holiday-hire accommodation.

Can we bring an additional person to the cottage?
You cannot exceed the number of people anticipated for the holiday rental hired.
For example: a 4-person cottage can only accommodate 5 people, or 4 people & 1 baby…
Babies are considered as people and cannot simply be brought in as extra individuals thereby exceeding the number anticipated for given a given holiday rental.
Is it possible to choose our cottage?
Yes thanks to the option Choose Your Plot, you can choose a cottage in the “La Rivière” area or the “Les Jardins” area, whether in the sunshine, close to the swimming pools, in the shade or meeting any other requirements you have. You can choose to be near friends or even specify a particular accommodation unit number.
This option costs €35 per cottage.
Is there a kitchen in the accommodation.
All of the holiday rentals on the Soleil Vivarais camspite are equipped with a modern kitchen The rentals are equipped with a hob, a microwave, a fridge with a freezer compartment, a filter coffee-maker and crockery for cooking and having a delicious meal.
The cottages of the 4-flower and ranges are also equipped with a dishwasher.
Does the accommodation have air conditioning?
All of the accommodation is equipped with air conditioning except some of the 4 person 27m² unit.
Are sheets and towels supplied in the cottages?
All of the holiday hire accommodation is equipped with sheets and serviettes except for cottages in the 3-flower range .
(Bed linen is not changed during your stay)
All of the cottages are equipped with pillows and blankets (as is the 3-flower range ).
Does the accommodation have equipment for babies?
It is our pleasure to supply you, on booking the holiday rental, a baby kit, including a baby umbrella as well as an additional mattress and a high chair.
This service is free in the 4-flower and range accommodation, upon booking.
Can we pitch a tent on the plot in front of the cottage?
No, no tent can be pitched on the plot for a given cottage. You are required to hire a camping pitch separately.
Is the cost of cleaning in the accommodation included?
Either you can complete the end-of-stay cleaning or you can add the Cleaning Package option to the cost of your stay for €90 per cottage of 4/6 places, €130 per cottage of 9 places and €150 per holiday home.
It is our pleasure to offer you the Cleaning Package option in the ranges.

Questions relating to campsite pitches

What is the area of the pitches ?
The pitches of the Soleil Vivarais campsite have an area ranging from 80 m² to 100 m². They are intended to accommodate up to a maximum of 7 people, and are equipped with a 10-amp electrical connection. Attention: You must provide an extension of around 40 metres and adaptors with French and European sockets. (In case you forget, these are for sale at the campsite supermarket).
What is the difference between the pitches and the pitches ?
The pitches, with an area of 150m² minimum, are located in Les Jardins area. They beneficiate from 10 amp electrical supply, water supply, waste disposal, a private toilet facilities (with shower and toilet), a kitchen with a sink and barbecue and garden furnitures. They are intended to accommodate up to a maximum of 7 people. You must provide an extension and adaptors with French and European sockets. (In case you forget, these are for sale at the campsite supermarket).
Is it possible to choose your camping pitch?
Yes - thanks to the option Choose Your Plot you can choose a pitch in front of the river or close to the sanitary blocks, in the sunshine or in the shade, or to meet your other requirements. You can choose to be near friends or even specify a particular accommodation unit number.
This option costs €35 per pitch.
Is it possible to hire a fridge on our pitch?
Yes it is possible to hire a fridge (€10/night).
To do so, do not forget to reserve it in advance.

Questions relating to the aquatic parks

Is there an indoor pool?
Yes, Soleil Vivarais has two covered and heated pools available to you.
There is a pool set aside for children with a water tree for them to have fun, and a pool with aquatic sports equipment, aqua-bikes (for pool-based cardiovascular exercise), step, anatomical benches and other equipment. We must not forget the large Jacuzzi
The water for indoor pools is heated to 28°C.
Are the swimming pools heated?
Yes, all of the Soleil Vivarais campsite swimming pools are heated.
The indoor pools are heated to 28°C and the outdoor pools are heated (to a mild temperature).
Can you swim in shorts or bathing trunks?
No it is strictly forbidden to go swimming in shorts or bathing trunks in the campsite swimming pools.

Questions relating to your booking

Is my Internet reservation definite on booking?
No, you should request your Internet reservation when awaiting the processing and acceptance of your booking by the campsite.
Only the written confirmation from the campsite will validate this booking.
What time can we take up occupancy of our holiday rental or camping pitch?
Your holiday rental or pitch is guaranteed to be available from 5 p.m. on the day you arrive and must be vacated by 10 a.m. on your day of departure.
What are the possible arrival and departure days?
Whether staying on a camping pitch or in a holiday rental, you are free to arrive and depart on any day, subject only to availabilities in the campsite booking schedule.
Please can I pay for my stay in tranches?
When you make your booking you must pay a 15% deposit, the balance may be paid in tranches by bank card.
The stay must be paid for in full no less than 30 days before you arrive.
What should I do if I arrive outside of normal reception opening hours?
Please contact us beforehand by telephone on (00 33) (0) 4 75 39 67 56 or by mail so that we can explain the appropriate procedure.
Is the campsite registered with VACAF (a state body which provides support with holiday costs)?
No, the Soleil Vivarais campsite is not registered with VACAF.
Is it possible to cancel my booking?
Yes it is possible to cancel your booking. For further details, see our terms and conditions.
I have not taken out cancellation insurance. As I have paid a deposit, will it be returned to me in the event of cancellation?
The amount of the refunded sum depends on the date of cancellation, see our 2022 terms and conditions.
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