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Soleil Vivarais campsite - The region - Labeaume

Legal notices and personal data

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Legal notices

Site manager and editor

SAS SOLEIL VIVARAIS having a share capital of €440,000, the registered office of which is:

Camping Soleil Vivarais

3342 Route du Rocher

07 120 Sampzon



SIRET number: 343 756 904 11

RCS (Register of Companies): AUBENAS B 343 756 904

Code NAF (INSEE coding system for this trade sector): 552 E

TVA (French VAT registration number): FR 923 437 569 04

Tel.: +33 (0)4 75 39 67 56 – Fax: +33 (0)4 75 39 64 69


Head of Publication: Hugues Mirabel


Interaview Production

82, avenue du Général Patton, 49 000 Angers




The company Gandi SAS, with a share capital of €800,000, registered on the Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés de Paris (Paris Companies’ Register), with company registration number 423 093 456, for which the registered office is situated at 63-65 Boulevard Masséna – 75013 Paris France, (telephone number: +33 (0)1 70 37 76 61), is undertaking the hosting of the site





Le Soleil Vivarais respects the concerns of its website users relating to the confidentiality of personal information provided. Le Soleil Vivarais ensures compliance with the obligations of the French Data Protection Authority (known as the “CNIL”). Le Soleil Vivarais is a data processor under the French Data Protection Law passed on 6th January 1978, amended in 2004, and under the European Directive of 24th October 1995 (together referred to below as the “Data Protection Legislation”). As such Le Soleil Vivarais is likely to collect personal data (surnames, forenames, contact details and similar information) or non-personal data (preferences, favourites information and other related details) during user visits to our Internet site (referred to below as the “Site”) so as to able to identify users, to offer them customised services, or even to make improvements to the Site and take account of user views.




Le Soleil Vivarais is the data recipient. In any given case, Le Soleil Vivarais only transmits users’ personal data to a third party when:

  • the user has given his or her prior agreement for the sharing of this data;
  • Le Soleil Vivarais must share this data with a third party to provide the required service to the user;
  • Le Soleil Vivarais wishes to enable users to benefit from partner offers; or
  • Le Soleil Vivarais is ordered by a judicial authority or any other administrative authority to send information to such a body.


Le Soleil Vivarais can also send users’ personal data to third-party service providers as part of statistical analyses on Site use, and for Site optimisation purposes. When used in this context, users’ personal data will remain anonymous.




Throughout the Site, Le Soleil Vivarais collects user data which is strictly necessary for the following purposes:

  • making available and personalizing the Site;
  • management of registration to receive the campsite newsletter (registrations and subscription cancellations thereto); and
  • commercial and promotional offers by the Le Soleil Vivarais


Le Soleil Vivarais is committed to processing and retaining all personal data entrusted to it by the user in line with the provisions of the Data Protection Legislation, solely to keep the user informed of the Le Soleil Vivarais news, and to enable him or her to benefit, as a priority, from goods and services linked to the activities of Le Soleil Vivarais.




Data is stored for a period which does not exceed the necessary duration, regarding the purposes for which it is collected, as stated below.

  • For the management of subscription to the campsite newsletter, data is retained for as long as the subscription is active. All such data will be deleted within a 2-month time limit starting from the point the given user unsubscribes.
  • All other data will be kept for a time limit of 2 years.


Le Soleil Vivarais has endeavoured to implement all necessary precautions to protect the confidentiality and security of personal data processed, and to prevent its distortion, damage or destruction, and prevent unauthorised third-party access to the data. Technical and organisational security measures, which comply with modern technology, in particular those falling within the sphere of information systems, have been instituted. However, Le Soleil Vivarais cannot control all risks linked to Internet operation, and draws users’ attention to the existence of potential risks which are inherent in both Internet use and operation.




Users have at any time, in compliance with the Data Protection Legislation, a right of access, updating, rectification and deletion of personal data. They may exercise this through sending a request (indicating clearly the request subject matter) by Internet to the following e-mail address:


Alternatively send the request by post to the following address:


Camping Soleil Vivarais
3342 Route du Rocher
07120 Sampzon


Le Soleil Vivarais undertakes to deal with such requests within 7 business days. We inform the user of his or her right, in compliance with the Data Protection Legislation,  at any time to oppose the processing, for legitimate reasons, of data having a personal nature which relates to him or her.




When accessing the Site, and after the user has agreed to continue with navigation on our website, a cookie can be installed and be retained for a maximum 13-month duration either in the user’s computer memory or hard disk, so as to facilitate navigation of the Site. A cookie does not enable users to be identified as such but it is an element which serves to register data relating to Site navigation (this includes pages consulted, the date and time of consultation and other factors). The Cookies provided enable:

  • the facilitation of your navigation experience on the Site, improved relevance and ergonomics of the services consulted upon the Site, and the adaptation of the Site layout to your specific IT environment;
  • memorisation of the data relating to a form which the user has  completed on the Site (for registration or account access), or for products selected on the Site (contained in your basket and other similar items); and
  • the facility for counts of the number of visits to the Site, and hence the compilation of statistics.


Every user can refuse the registration of cookies by modifying the parameters of their Internet navigator. However, this process will lead to the deletion of all cookies used by the navigator, including those used by other websites. This can lead to the modification or the loss of certain changes or data. The deletion of cookies may have the effect of altering Site navigation, or even making such navigation difficult. To account for the management of cookies and user choices, each navigator is configured differently. The configuration is detailed in the help menu of the navigators given below, which will enable the user to know how to alter his cookie preferences:


Deactivation of online cookies:

Cookie Category Means of deactivation
Analytical and performance cookies Google Analytics
Social network cookies Facebook


Use of online platforms to control advertising cookies: Go to the site Youronlinechoices, offered by the digital marketing professionals grouped together under the banner of the European association known as the EDAA (European Digital Advertising Alliance). On Youronlinechoices you can refuse or accept cookies used by advertising professionals, who are members of this association. Please note that deleting cookies may modify Site navigation or indeed make such navigation difficult.



The messages which you send us by means of the Internet may be intercepted on the Internet. Until they reach us, their confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. Please ensure that you do not divulge unnecessary personal or confidential information, sensitive information or information coming from a third party. In addition, the indication as to the origin of the electronic messages, which we receive, may be falsified. Consequently, if you wish to communicate such information to us, it is imperative that you use the post. Hence, any complaint, statement or any request for advice sent by Internet or e-mail will not be taken into account. Please make your requests through the post only. To obtain more information on the procedures to follow or upon current ongoing issues, please make contact with our company SAS SOLEIL VIVARAIS in writing.





The use of any document originating from the site of the company SAS SOLEIL VIVARAIS is only allowed for information purposes for private use. Use for all other purposes is strictly forbidden. The company SAS SOLEIL VIVARAIS strives to ensure to best of its ability, that information disseminated on this site is both accurate and up to date. The company does, however, reserve the right to correct the contents at any time and without warning. The company also informs the visitor that it is his or her responsibility to check the information by other means, including by contacting the company. As a consequence, SAS SOLEIL VIVARAIS disclaims all responsibility for any lack of precision, inaccuracy or omission relating to information available on the site, and for all damage resulting from fraudulent interference by a third party, caused by the alteration of information available on the site. More generally SAS SOLEIL VIVARAIS also disclaims all responsibility for all damage or loss, whether direct or indirect, whatever the cause, origin, nature or consequences, caused by reason of access by anyone to the site, or the impossibility of accessing the site, as well as the use of the site and/or the credibility afforded to any such information coming directly or indirectly from the latter. Moreover, unless otherwise indicated, intellectual property rights to the documents contained on the site, and each of the elements created for the site, are exclusively owned by the company SAS SOLEIL VIVARAIS or its suppliers, who grant neither any licence or right in respect of such rights, other than the right to consult the site. The reproduction of all documents published on the site is only allowed for the sole purposes of using information for personal or private use. Any reproduction and use of copies produced for other purposes is expressively forbidden. All trade marks reproduced on this website belong to the companies which respectively own them. All products, logos, and images reproduced in the pages of this site are owned by their respective brand companies. The photographs reproducing the products and services on this site do not constitute a binding contract.



This website is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, excepting instances of force majeure, I.T. problems and difficulties linked to the structure of communication networks, or problems of a technical nature. The site may be interrupted at any time for maintenance reasons.



Non-compliance with the current provisions in this agreement places the offending individual at risk of civil and criminal actions. This document is governed and interpreted according to French law and falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts. If any one of the provisions of this document proves to be void, invalid or of no legal effect, all of the remaining provisions shall continue to apply.

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Soleil Vivarais campsite - The region - Labeaume